Landscape Photography Workflow

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Our workflow for landscape photography enthusiasts and professionals. Designed to suit the needs of advanced landscape photography post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom, including presets, brushes, actions and image overlays. 

This bundle is created with the entire image editing process in mind and is the first complete workflow solution for landscape photography in Photoshop and Lightroom. It is useful for everything from basic adjustments to complex retouching, and the workflow is based on stackable and nondestructive editing.

By using our landscape photography workflow you will be able to speed up your post-processing and create beautiful photos while still expressing your own creativity. The products are simple to use and also allows you to use more advanced retouching techniques if you would like.

Compatability: Fully compatible with Lightroom 6/CC and Photoshop CS6/CC. If you are using Lightroom 4 or 5 you will be able to use everything except a few presets using the "Dehaze" slider. The workflow is compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop as well but with reservations for any actions that might use features of later versions of Photoshop.


Included in the Landscape Photography Workflow:     

    • 137 Lightroom Presets
    • 45 Lightroom Brushes/Local Adjustment Presets
    • 90 Photoshop Actions
    • 139 Image Overlays 
    • 29 Overlay Adjustment Photoshop Actions
    • Instructions and introduction to the workflow
    • Retouching Examples


    Features in short:
      • Stackable and nondestructive editing
      • Easy to use
      • Advanced functionality
      • Achieve better results in less time
      • Instant Download 
      • JPEG and RAW files (RAW is recommended)

      Lightroom Preset Categories:

        • ALL-IN-ONE
        • EXPOSURE
        • TONE CURVE
        • BASIC
        • COLOUR
        • ENHANCE & POLISH
        • BLACK & WHITE

        Lightroom Brushes/Local Adjustment Presets Categories:

          • COLOUR
          • ENHANCE 
          • EXPOSURE
          • HAZE
          • SKY

          Photoshop Action Categories:

            • Tone & Contrast
            • Colour & Grading
            • Polish & Enhance
            • Black & White
            • Camera Raw
            • Tools
            • Time Transformation

            Image Overlays Categories:

              • Sky Overlays
              • Light Overlays
              • Rain Overlays
              • Snow Overlays
              • Colour Filter Overlays

              Overlay Adjustment Action Categories:

                • Light
                • Rain & Snow
                • Sky Overlays - Adjustments
                • Sky Overlays - Helpers