About Us

About us
Lenscape Filters was founded in the summer of 2017 by Petrus Lindh, a Swedish landscape photographer. After developing the same kind of products for one of the bigger companies in the same market he realized he could make something even better. The result is a product more tailored to what landscape photographers really are looking for, namely a complete workflow that regards every part of the editing process for landscape photography. That was the start of Lenscape Filters and our mission is to make the entire workflow for landscape photography more creative, fun and effective while still leaving plenty of room for the photographers' own creative vision and personal style.

We, of course, like to think that our workflow is the best available out there, it is pretty great to be honest. But that doesn't completely answer why you need a post-processing workflow like this. The answer is different depending on who you are, maybe you just want great looking images without spending as much time on the computer or maybe you want some assistance achieving the results you're looking for. The reasons to use our workflow are many and you will certainly find your own way of using it that fits you and your photography.  

All photographers have different levels of experience and thus knowledge and skill, this also applies to post-processing. Therefore we have made sure that our workflow is suitable for aspiring photography enthusiasts as well as more experienced photographers. If you are just beginning to learn Photoshop and Lightroom you can use the presets and actions as is, and if you have more advanced skills you can adapt the workflow to your needs by combining several different presets/actions/overlays and adjusting them.    

Please send us an email to contact@lenscapefilters.com if you've got anything on your mind.

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